Relationships and Marriage Part III

Gender Wars

The traditional role for males was aggressive provider and protector. The female role in relationships and marriage was to be a submissive, weak subordinate. This article will be based on profiles of industrial countries. The adult male could always woo a partner by choosing any of the three traditional roles. As an aggressive individual, he could pursue a female until she submitted. In the past, it was natural, but now, it is called stalking.

A woman in the past could improve her chances of landing a mate by being less aggressive. I completely disagree, because women are more aggressive in current times and still have many suitors. This role is very uncomfortable for some people who are stuck in the traditional era. Traditionalists advice the sexes to play traditional roles whenever a couple have problems, or an individual stumbles when looking for a mate. I also disagree because, the world has changed and needs the females to be more aggressive and be assertive. I believe relationships between the sexes will be improved if both individuals communicate their needs and desires aggressively instead of traditional such as using subtle hints. A woman should be assertive and ask for marriage instead of waiting for her significant other to get down on one knee. I have met women and men who are happy in relationships such as open marriages, sex friends, common-law, polygamy and others.

The traditional role of males as a provider does not hold in modern times because females can work, and in a very disturbing trend are actually required to work to make ends meet for both couples. This trend aside, the males lose one advantage over females in looking for mates. The female can be more demanding in her mate because she can be a co-provider or even the sole provider in terms of shelter, food and lifestyle. The male would provide the goods and food and the female would clean and cook. I also disagree very strongly, because I like to cook and clean for myself. I always wonder if these people want a maid or a mate. There are still people today who are shocked that I can clean, wash, cook and bake for myself and do not want or expect someone to do it for me. Amazingly, I am disappointed that 99.9% of females I have met believe I will be more happy or complete with a female who will clean and cook for me. I have been very happy in relationships where the females were lost in the kitchen and would fail in a career as a maid. The females were upset that they could not clean and cook for me, when I asked why, the answer was always the same, “it is a woman’s job”. I wonder why the top chefs and cooks in the world, including cleaners are predominately if not all males. A woman can be a “super woman” by working, and taking care of all aspects of the home, and the male as the mass media instils is happy with a bottle of beer and remote control to watch sports. I can only imagine if this was the norm, where the woman does everything, the man just stays home, why the divorce rate is not 100%. The traditionalists will claim that it is high, and women who stay at home and cook and clean have the happiest homes which have no problems.

The third role for males traditionally was to be protector. He would defend the female and family from other males, financial difficultly, and evil modernists re: feminists. The traditionalists insist that females should be happy with their roles as subordinates whether at work, home or any dealings with males. There is some truth to the roles; however, I believe the traditionalists perverted the roles. Any relationship is based on mutual understanding and agreement. A female in current times, needs to assume a protective role, she will need to fend off her potential suitors for her mate, and protect her family physically and financially. When there is a new member in the family, the new member assumes all power by demanding time, and resources of both sexes. I have been to the current era social gathering for youth which is clubs and see more females fighting for males than vice versa. The males have become effeminate and the females have become more defensive. The proliferation of self-defence classes and strong willed females means, women do not need men to protect them. Even in family settings, there are more single-person headed families with the female as the head which further dispels the notion that a significant other is needed to make the family whole. Some females go further and use sperm banks to start a family, and others pay a male to impregnate them.

In Conclusion, industrial society needs labels in order to market to the masses. Labels also make it easier to punish those that do not conform to norms and mores. Labels can be very damaging; because they are a one size fits all approach. For example, not all Asian girls are short, or speak broken English, not all black males have enormous penises, no all people with an interest in Asian and hip hop culture are asiaphiles and wiggers respectively. Instead of wasting time on labels, enjoy life; do not take life too seriously. People who believe labels and go along with every pre-package mass media invented fad and trend do not have a life. They never question or think about how their actions affect others. In the world scheme, nobody is unique; there are others who think and act just like you. A person who loves to clean or cook defies all useless labels; here is one that shows the absurdity of labels such as cleanophile, and cookophile. The world is constantly changing, by being upfront and assertive, you will be happier as single, alone or in a relationship. It is better to be happy than to be miserable because you need to conform to norms and mores which are out-dated.

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