Ojambo is about analytics, which is fitting into my daily routine, Web design because I spend a great deal of my day thinking or being online. Programming has always been a big part of my life, as a Web designer, Chemist, and while working at a Vocational school. I started writing again, but focus on my favourite things which are food and fitness. I make my own breads and cookies and have my own home gym.

After several years with Joomla, Ojambo.com is now back to using a pure blog solution.  This time, the theme was designed from scratch.  The first edition uses a heavily modified theme called myConversion_06.  I was making my own CMS when I realized that due to work obligations, I might never finish.  So, I will take the articles off Joomla and gradually post them here in Categories.

Joomla 2006 to 2009
WordPress 2005 to 2006
Static pages 1999 to 2005
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