Relationships and Marriage II

Race Matters

Popular terms as of 2003 such as asiaphile, beater, beatnic, wigger, potato and countless others all mean sell-out or race traitor. I will briefly describe some of the terms in historic origins. They all began as a racist label to keep people in power from deviating from the norms and mores. In the recent past of 100 to 250 years ago, the white males had all real and imagined power. For the sake of this article, it is to be assumed that in 2003, all persons living in industrialized countries are equal and share power.

It is now common to see couples who do not fit the perceived norms of the past when people were segregated along ethnicities, religion, and nationalities. However, there are still people 250 years later who have problems dealing with any breakdown of segregation barriers. This article only deals with race matters. Race in this paper means physical which have significant colour and national differences.

An asiaphile is a male, mostly white and in a small but significant number black from an industrialized country, who is obsessed with women from south-east Asia. The stereotype of these males is that they are so pathetic, that no women in their said countries will date them. They spend very significant resources and time traveling to countries like China, Philippines and Japan looking for an unspoiled girl. They prefer girls who barely speak English ad can be seen in clubs kissing underage girls.

I will not make excuses for these males, but I have seen some very pathetic males who are asiaphiles. It is true; it is a form of racial love in that they date only south-east Asians. They obsess over the culture and stereotype the women such as they are very petite and have very small and therefore tiny sexual organs. Some of these stereotypes border on pedophilia. Most on the urban areas in industrialized countries are filled with asiaphiles in search of massage parlours with their fantasy barely legal girl. In internet search engines, the words Asian or Asian women rarely produce any results other than those of an asiaphiles fantasy.

I have been accused of being an asiaphile, even though I have never had more than three Asian lady friends. I grew up as a fan of Bruce Lee which is as far as my Asian obsession went. All my lady friends approached me either in school or in the club. However none of them fit the asiaphiles fantasy. They had above average breast size and liked the same things I do such as food, exercising and playing sports. Not the stereotypes of being very petite and non aggressive.

The female version of the asiaphile or beatnic which is almost all white is also obsessed with Asian culture; however this one is less sexual but still racial love. It is in the form of the popular myth that all Asians are very smart and have significant financial resources. To be more specific, the Asians are math geniuses who can be easy manipulated by a beautiful trophy girlfriend or wife.

The wigger male phenomenon closely resembles that of the female asiaphile. It is however the exact opposite, it implies that blacks are not educated, but are great entertainers. The wiggers are suburban mostly white, but rapidly increasing to include every non-black male. This form of racial love is just as sick as the asiaphile in that the perpetrators actually believe that they are helping race matters. The asiaphile believes he is helping a poor girl escape abuse from the Asian male. He has not concept of rich Asians, and believes the Asian women in industrialized countries are spoiled. The wigger believes that any black who is educated is a sell-out. I have seen such wiggers in upscale establishments come and befriend me, yet a few minutes later, do not feel shame in thinking I am the janitor or throwing me their keys because they believe I am the valet.

The male is very easy to spot, the hair, usually in dreads to denote that all Jamaicans smoke marijuana 24/7. The pants are 20 sizes to big, and life revolves around rap lyrics and basketball. The larger males will talk about football and when older, their love of BBQ. Past clichés of blacks such as an obscure football end zone dance, pimp walks. By being a wigger, feminist jokes and racist jokes especially about penis sizes become the norm

The female version of the wigger or beater is also disturbing. I have seen some admonish me for the way I speak. I do not use Ebonics, and I do not have a Caribbean accent because I am not of Caribbean origin. The wigger female is very diverse. Some like their asiaphile male counterparts are very highly educated and obsessed with anyone from Africa because they believe that Africans in industrialized countries will all have PhD and great careers. Some like their asiaphile male counterparts can tell by your accent and facial mannerisms, which country and tribe you originated from. Others choose one part of the media to stereotype all blacks, such as all blacks smoke ganja, or listen to reggae music, or can dirty dance.

Both wigger males and females love the media descriptions of gangsters, criminals, pimps. Shows such as Jerry Springer and Ricky Lake are very popular around the world. The purchasing power or wiggers has made barely talented entertainers such as most rappers and sport figures become rich and spawn many imitators.

The other side of these asiaphile and wiggers is the sell-outs and race traitors. In the past, sell-outs were people who comprised their beliefs for financial gain. In a free and democratic society, people should be free to date whomever they wish exclusively. An Asian female is called a banana or potato which means yellow or brown on the outside and white on the inside. A black female is called an Oreo or traitor which means black on the outside and white on the inside. I have been called a sell-out by wiggers because I do not possess a PhD in Ebonics or Jamaican patios. I have also been called a sell-out by a few indo-Caribbean females because I was not a player. When I explained to all concerned, that I was an individual, who decided to choose my own path instead of following a pre-package message form from the mass media, it was agreed that I was not a sell-out.

One of the problems I have with the sell-out label is that it is impossible to change. The Asian female or black male who is pursued cannot change. The asiaphile or wigger only sees one colour, which is the one there are obsessed with. These forms of racial love are very unhealthy, because they dictate the relationship based on the terms of the asiaphile or wigger. The typical wigger would be shocked to find blacks who listen to classical music or enjoy rugby as opposed to rap and basketball. The asiaphile will be shocked to an Asian female who speaks the Queen’s English and is a feminist.

Recently, a new phenomenon is taking hold everywhere. It is the asiaphile wigger. As usual, it starts with the males, also exclusively white with one twist. They hate Asian males’ even more than plain asiaphiles. They are very defensive of their Asian girlfriends. I have seen a few and it is a sorry site. The males are always much bigger than their very petite women. The males quickly bear hug their women when another male approaches, whether in a club, outdoor event or walking on the street. They also make sure they have one black male friend, they use as bait to land an Asian female. I have seen a few befriend me in a club and introduce me to their friends, in which group one happens to be Asian. It is to show they can not be racist.

Hey, if you are still reading this article. I want to conclude with one rhetorical question. Why can’t we all be individuals instead of collective media brainwash?

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  1. yip says:
    What I love is how many asian women in the US purport to be feminists. They will denounce "yellow fever", while at the same time, they themselves are dating a WHITE man. Very clever those asian women.....put the focus on the MEN....constantly plant the idea in people's minds that "most" men have yellow fever...that you are a constant victim...but that thankfully, YOUR man is not one such man. So long as the focus is on the men with yellow fever, no one will ever question the asian female's motives...or wonder if perhaps SHE is the one with the fetish...a WHITE or BLACK fetish. It's ok to talk about yellow fever but as soon as someone talks about asian women being sellouts, all their PC white boyfriends come out to their defense. Yawn.
  2. save marriage alone guy says:
    Thanks for the tips your talking about it so everyone else can know! Definitely will keep in mind. But, what I finally figured out is, you got to bring about the environment that first attracted you both and also prevent a ton of bad choices we all do at first if you want to save the marriage

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