Gonzo’s Wedding

Gonzo’s Wedding at Blessed Trinty Church

Review of Gonzo’s Wedding.

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Blessed Trinty Church parking view

Blessed Trinty Church is located north in the city of Toronto. The wedding rehearsal took place three days before the wedding. The weather was perfect for the rehearsal and but humid for the wedding.

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Blessed Trinty Church’s Bayview Avenue view

I picked up the tuxedo and headed to church for the rehearsal. I was the first to arrive and it was closed. After double-checking the address, I decided to wait for other people to arrive.

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Blessed Trinty Church’s wall sign

Toronto Summer

The rehearsal was shorter than I imagined. It was just the usual entrance, standing, sitting and exit routine. The wedding couple invited the wedding party out for a celebratory dinner. It was not as dark as the photos appear.

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Blessed Trinty Church’s outside cross sign

I went to sleep after dinner and woke up to find the wedding itinerary that stated I was to be at a house up north at 7:30 in the morning. At 10:00, I headed to the house up north and was given last minute instructions. After some photographs, I helped the setup inside the church.

At Church

We helped move the hoarding wedding occupants out so that we could set up for Gonzo’s wedding. In our very comfortable shoes from an unnamed tuxedo place, we aligned the walkway and moved some pews.

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Helpful Groomsmen

Some stuff happened after the groom arrived, and a wedding happened. The power went out, it rained outside and we visited Aria.

Aria is also located north in the city of Toronto. The entire wedding party took photos and literally lost five kilograms each.

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Aria inside view

Now the rest of the review will be about the post-wedding ceremony is a place north but outside the city of Toronto.

Service Quality

Some was waiting in the garage to guide us to the proper hall. The seats were clean and the staff was very attentive to all our needs at the wedding party table. Only compliments to the staff at this wonderful facility.

Food Quality

I was very thirsty and drank as much water and liquid as possible. The food including cold cuts and dessert met my approval. No worries about food poisoning either.


Gonzo’s wedding exceeded my expectations. I was honoured to be part of the wedding party. Everything worked out better than planned.

Cheers to the newlyweds! May you enjoy the rest of your days of this earth in matrimonial bliss.