West Lime Theme For Elgg

New Elgg theme available at Ojamboshop called West Lime Elgg. West Lime Elgg is the first Elgg template for purchase at Ojamboshop.

Elgg is an open source social networking engine used to power social networks.

The theme does not use any proprietary browser formats. West Lime Elgg uses five tiny graphics to ensure fast speed on all devices. West Lime for Elgg is ideal for all types of social networking themes.

The search box, categories and information sidebars are appropriately themed. The theme for West Lime template is different shades of lime. Graphics are minimized by using CSS buttons based on ripe and aged lime colours.

West Lime for Elgg does not interfere with product images including plugins like chat. West Lime for Elgg includes easy-to-use instructions for installation and modification.

The direct link for purchasing the template is West Lime Elgg.

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West Lime Elgg Template

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