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Valens Restaurant Review

Valens Restaurant specializes in global fusion cuisine. A family member suggested trying Valens Restaurant after the first choice was unexpectedly closed for brunch. Valens Restaurant is owned by the owner of Sambuca Grill.

The Valens Restaurant website is easy to navigate. The home page shows the operating hours and the address and phone number are in the header. Reservations for Valens Restaurant can be made by filling out an online form.

Baldwin Village:

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The original plan was to meet at Sambuca Grill which is located at 21 Baldwin Street in downtown Toronto. One hour before our meeting, I confirmed with the family member that we were to meet at Valens Restaurant which is located at 19 Baldwin Street.

Parking was easy is find and I decided to walk around the village because I was early. I walked over to Valens Restaurant and surveyed the eye candy.


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As soon as our group was seated, the food was ordered. The hosting and waiter duties were performed by one person.. The host was courteous and tended to our group which included pre-adolescents. The drinks arrived fast and water was provided prior to the drinks.

The food was very good. The host informed us that we could order breakfast or lunch. I was full after dessert.

Service Quality:

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As soon as we arrived, the host greeted us and proceeded to usher us to our reserved table. The host accommodated our group’s small children by engaging in entertaining banter. The restaurant had a modern theme with classic 60s painting styles but everything was spotless.

Our group was seated inside the restaurant. It was cool inside and the host offered to turn on the ceiling fans if it became warm or humid. The door leading to the outside patio remained opened but the inside accommodations remained cool.

Due to the delicious food, I forgot to take more terrible photos on my camera phone. The tables were clean, and the host was clean but could have used more help. The utensils were very clean and the glasses were sparkling. The only staff seen was the male host who was dressed in appropriate attire.

Food Quality:

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One of my biggest concerns with going to restaurants as a group is waiting to be served decent quality meals. Valens Restaurant did not impress with the speed at which they were able to bring the food. Drinks and Bread was served right after the host had taken our orders. All our food arrived at literally the same time.

The food tasted great. The host forgot some food items such as samosas and apologized after. I had the Belgian Waffle which was served with strawberry sauce, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and fruits. For dessert I had the Warm Molten Chocolate Lava cake which was served warm with French vanilla ice cream and whipped cream .


Valens Restaurant is a great place to have brunch. I do not have anything negative to say despite some forgotten orders and a one male staff. The staff were dressed well and treated our group very well.

The food was excellent and the service was good. The ambience theme was neo-60s, but the place is very clean. Valens Restaurant located in Baldwin Village gets a positive review.

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