Ojambo Four In A Row Free

Ojambo Four In A Row For Android

Ojambo has released a new game for Android devices. The game can be downloaded and played for free at Ojambo Four In A Row on Google Play.

Four In A Row win is getting four positions in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. Four In A Row can also end with a tie if all positions are filled.

The game comes with three level and custom graphics. It uses the native code to speed up the artificial intelligence.

    Game Features:

  • Easy level for Four In A Row beginners.
  • Medium level for past Four In A Row gamers.
  • Hard level is for gamers who think critically.
  • Game statistics in real-time.
  • Safe for all ages.

    Game Trivia:

  • Four In A Row is also known as Connect Four.
  • Four In A Row variation connect five is known as a bust.
  • Did you know that the most commonly used board size for Four In A Row is 7×6?
  • Four In A Row many have originated during the time of explorer Captain Cook.

Temporary Game Page

Feedback is welcome. The current home page for Ojambo Four In A Row is Ojambo Four In A Row Page.

How to Use:

    Install From App Store:

  • New Game starts a new game.
  • Save Game saves current game.
  • Instructions displays game logic.
  • Game statistics updated automatically.


Ojambo Four In A Row Video


Ojambo Four In A Row game for Android devices was released in Summer 2013. The game does not collect user information. Four In A Row is a simple game.

Ojambo Four In A Row uses the native code. The game statistics are updated after each game. Feedback is welcome.


  1. Try to start from the centre during game play.
  2. Toggle music on and off by pressing the audio icon.