Ubuntu 9.04 review

During the second week of August, 2009 in the middle of updating some client work, my Fedora system started freezing. I was very annoyed and decided to install Ubuntu 9.04

I downloaded the CD and installed it. It took a while to install, I think just over an hour. One of the reasons that I did not use Ubuntu in the past was the slow updates, but once it was installed, I was very impressed with how quickly everything was set-up. I installed the Splix drivers for my Samsung CLP-510 printer and the hplip package for my HP Deskjet F2140 All-in-One which I use as a scanner. Once I turned both machines on, they were immediately detected. I was also shocked with how quickly it was to setup my Wacom Serial Pen Partner.

Everything worked and I back to work after 3 hours. No issues with my acer x193w monitor. Ubuntu is already used on my laptop which is an acer aspire 5720-4663. Everything works as per my review for acer 5720z

On the laptop, Ubuntu shines because with the exception of needing to test something with vista or internet explorer, I have managed to forget windows. I have not tested the controller, modem, firewire and DVI since I have no need for them. The acer key buttons all work, the most important being the wifi key which I always forget to turn off when I am presenting without the power cable.

While I was using Debian on both the laptop and desktops, whenever I searched for help for my Wacom tablet or setting up a server, I ended up in the Ubuntu forums. I do not know why I was hesitant to try it earlier, but I am glad to be using it now