Fedora 11 Install Issues

When I decided to move to Linux full-time, I researched various distributions based on not just ease of use, but updates and drivers. I downloaded a live CD from http://www.knoppix.org/, several years prior and tested the software. I made sure that my favourite software would be available or at least have a substitute. I removed most proprietary software and started using open source or freeware if one was not available. I did not want to use any pirated software. The choice came down to between Debian and Fedora

I decided to go with Fedora since I have heard of Red Hat for several years. Unfortunately, due to the way Fedora’s install CD errors, I could not install Fedora and install Debian instead. I chose Debian over Ubuntu due to the support, Debian’s was roughly 3 years while Ubuntu’s was roughly 1.5 years. When I upgraded computers I managed to install Fedora 10 and realized that Fedora did not support older devices such as my DVD/RW drive. When I put in the install CD, it had the same errors, but since the new computer was much faster, I was able to ignore the errors and proceed to install. I decided to use Debian as my main operating system, but updated to sid. I needed some updated packages which were available for Ubuntu and Fedora, but I had to compile all the time such as a driver for my Samsung CLP-510 printer. I was also getting annoyed with the constant updates from Sid. I decided to use Fedora, but I had installed their testing branch. It behaved just like Sid from Debian. I decided to do a proper install. I downloaded Fedora 11, and boy does it have issues, it refused to install because it wants to be the main Linux distribution.

I had no problems with the ext4 as the default filesystem, but I was not ready to erase my other distributions. I decided to use Fedora 11 as my main desktop operating system. It removed Debian and was pleased. However there should really be an option for it to be a secondary Linux operating system. As for the laptop where Fedora 10 was, I could not update/downgrade to the stable release. I formatted the partition, but Fedora 11 would not install, so I kept Ubuntu there instead along with the Vista partition that came with the laptop. Vista is needed since there are some websites such as service canada which refuse to work properly with OpenJDK and open source browsers. It also enables me to test websites.

I kept Fedora as my main desktop operating system, but during the second week of August 2009, I had to install Ubuntu as a backup. I was updating a database program I made for a client when the computer screen would freeze. I later found out that it was caused by flash and firefox. I re-installed the flash plugin and the problem stopped after firefox was updated.

The most annoying problem is that my acer x193w monitor is not recognized, and it displays a signal is not available at random, I could be watching a movie, or typing something, when this occurs.