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Spin Dessert Cafe Review

A Baptism party was held at 2177 Yonge Street which is also known as “Spin @ Midtown”. The location was announced after the Baptism ceremony. This review is unbiased because the party was held immediately after the Baptism.


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Ojambo.com Spin Dessert Cafe

Spin Dessert Cafe is located at 2177 Yonge Street in Toronto. It offers desserts, crepes and pizza. The midtown location serves alcohol. The food and drinks were pre-ordered by the Baptismal candidate’s parents.


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Ojambo.com Spin Dessert Cafe

The midtown location does not have an outdoor patio. It is easily accessible off Yonge Street. The location has ample parking on side streets and indoor parking.


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Ojambo.com Spin Dessert Cafe Menu

The entrees, pizza, drinks and desserts were great. It is rare to taste delicious dishes that are not fatty. I do not normally enjoy Pepperoni Pizza. At Spin Dessert Cafe, I had multiple servings of all dishes.

Service Quality:

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Ojambo.com Spin Dessert Cafe Ambience

Spin Dessert Cafe is very bright and clean. On a typical sunny day, the sunshine illuminates through the main glass window without heating the surfaces. Our group sat next to the main window. The chairs, tables, utensils, and counters were very clean.

Overall Quality:

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Ojambo.com Spin Dessert Cafe Quality

Spin Dessert Cafe was very clean and the first restaurant that I did not look for the Dinesafe rating while entering. Dinesafe in the Toronto Public Health Food Premises Inspection and Disclosure system. Since it was a Sunday, I was not disappointed with the lack of eye candy both inside and outside the cafe.


The menu items were delicious and the location is perfect for walking off Yonge Street. The brightness makes it easy to spot any dirty tables and chairs. Spin Dessert Cafe stands out in Midtown.

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