Hollywood Gelato

Hollywood Gelato Review

Our group decided to go for dessert after dinner at an Indian restaurant in Leaside. There were a few choices right outside the restaurant. However we decided to attend one that was getting great reviews called Hollywood Gelato.


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Ojambo.com Hollywood Gelato

Hollywood Gelato is located at 1640 Bayview Avenue in Toronto. It offers authentic Italian gelato. Everyone in our group had their favourite ice cream flavours. Despite being full, our group was determined to try authentic ice cream.


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Ojambo.com Amaya Hollywood Gelato Menu

The ice cream was so delicious that I forgot to take some photos. It is rare to have a delicious dish that is a little bit low fat. You are allowed to mix two flavours in one cone or cup.

Service Quality:

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Ojambo.com Hollywood Gelato Ambience

Hollywood Gelato is very bright and clean. On a typical sunny day, many people buy their ice cream and had to the patio or just walk outside. Our group decided to stay inside. The eye candy walking in and out of Hollywood Gelato is worth the trip.


The ice cream was delicious and the location is perfect to eye candy. The brightness makes it easy to spot any dirty tables and chairs. Hollywood Gelato stands out in Leaside.