Amaya Restaurant

Amaya Restaurant Review

Amaya Restaurant specializes in Indian cuisine. A family member suggested trying Amaya for dinner. The specific version of Amaya Restaurant to be reviewed is Amaya Indian Room.

The website is difficult to navigate. Unlike most websites, you must select which version of Amaya Restaurant you wish to attend before getting any options. For example, I clicked the first link which was for the Amaya Express and ended up at the wrong location.


Image Missing Amaya Indian Room

Under Leaside, I found out that the Amaya Express was located on Bayview Avenue. I confirmed with the family member that we were to meet outside the restaurant in Leaside.

Once I arrived at Amaya Express, the family member informed me that the Indian Room was also located on Bayview Avenue. Luckily the two locations were close to each other. I walked over to the Amaya Indian Room and surveyed the eye candy.


Image Missing Amaya Indian Room Food

As soon as our group was seated, the food was ordered. The host and waiter were courteous and tended to our group. The drinks arrived fast and water was provided prior to the drinks.

The food was very good. I love going to places that do not ruin food by replacing it with low-fat alternatives. I was full after my third serving of butter chicken and naan bread.

Service Quality:

Image Missing Amaya Indian Room More Food

As soon as we arrived, the host greeted us and proceeded to usher us to our reserved table. The host and the waiter accommodated our group’s concern about having very small children and moved us to a better location. The restaurant had a dark theme but was very clean.

Due to the dim lighting, I was not able to take better quality photos on my camera phone. The tables were clean, and the staff were clean and very organized. The utensils were very clean and the glasses were sparkling. All staff were male and well dressed.

Food Quality:

One of my biggest concerns with going to restaurants as a group is waiting to be served decent quality meals. Amaya Indian Room impressed with with the speed at which they were able to bring the food. All our food arrived at literally the same time.

The food tasted great. My favourites such as meat samosas, butter chicken, naan bread and jasmine rice were very good. I also enjoyed the lamb.


Amaya Indian Room is a great place to have dinner. I do not have anything negative to say despite a difficult to navigate website and an all-male staff. The staff were dressed well and treated our group well.

The food was very good and the service was excellent. The ambience theme was dark, but the place is very clean. The Amaya Indian Room located in Leaside gets a positive review.