2013 Canadian National Exhibition

2013 Canadian National Exhibition at Exhibition Place

The Canadian National Exhibition or CNE is also known as The Ex. This CNE is an annual event that takes place at Exhibition Place in Toronto Ontario, Canada. The event lasts just over two weeks until the Canadian Labour Monday.

This CNE is a fair consisting of pavilions, exhibits, shows, concerts, rides, games and food. 2003 marks the 135th season for the Ex. Our group decided to attend the Ex in the morning off August 30.

Our meeting was almost called off because rain was predicted for the entire day. The morning was very cloudy and rain was predicted to fall in the afternoon. With no rain falling in the morning, our group decided to meet at the Ex in the afternoon.

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Walking Towards Kid’s World At CNE

We met at the Kid’s World in the mid-afternoon and spent the entire afternoon on the Kiddie Rides. When I arrived, the weather was still cloudy. The sky cleared 20 minutes later and the weather became very humid. I had to seat down and recover due to severe sun burn to the top of the head.

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Seated Photo At CNE

After regaining my strength, I took some photos and had fun at the Ex. We had dinner in the Food Building.
The 2003 Canadian national exhibition was great. I am in a position to watch the airshow everyday.

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Moving Ferris Wheel at CNE

Kiddie Rides Ferris Wheel which two family members declined to ride.

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Stationary Ferris Wheel at CNE

Kiddie Rides Ferris Wheel waiting for three family members to decamp from ride.

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Dizzy Dragon at CNE

Kiddie Rides Dizzy Dragon waiting for my turn.