Transformers Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon ULTRAAVX3D

Movie review at Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas in Etobicoke.

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Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas

Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas has two unique features not found in other movie theatres. The first is comfortable seats that lean back and have ample leg room.

The leg room is amazing in that people can get up from their seats and leave without inconveniencing seated movie patrons.

The second is the design of the theatres in which seating is reserved and each room feels intimate. Each room feels smaller due to the ample walking areas and the screens are large.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon theatrical release poster

We arrived at 10:40 pm and still managed to find ample parking close to the cinema. Even with many people, the lineup for purchase tickets was very small. At 10:45 pm we took our seats after purchasing some snacks.

The movie was supposed to start at 11:00 pm, but did not start until 11:12. At around 11:08, we were reminded to wear our 3D glasses. The glasses fit nicely around prescription glasses.

The Tranformers movie was great in 3D. It was a typical “guys” movie. Lots of action that kept us at the edge of our seats. There were enough plot twists to keep every interested until 1:45 when the closing credits were shown.

    My Favourite Moments:

  1. Explaining the absence of Megan Fox’s character “Mikaela Banes”.
  2. The 3D sequences form the 1969 Apollo 11 landing on the Moon.
  3. Ken Jeong’s character “Jerry Wang”.
  4. The building collapsing with people inside.


Transformers “Dark of the Moon” was a great “guys” movie. The movie was made better due to the 3D experience at Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas The seating arrangement and action sequences made for a wonderful night out.