Ojambo Feed Version 2.0

Ojambo Feed 2.0 For Android

Ojambo has updated a free app for Android devices. The app can be downloaded and played for free at Ojambo Feed on Google Play.

Feed is also known as RSS or Rich Site Summary reader. The app starts by downloading the lasted articles from Ojambo.com.. The app a mobile device-based aggregator.

The app comes with English-based content and custom graphics. It uses the PhoneGap and a customized jQuery Feeds plugin for news streams.

    App Features:

  • Easy to read.
  • Content rated for everyone.
  • Links back to original article.
  • Thumbnails for articles.
  • No collection of user information.

Temporary App Page

Feedback is welcome. The current home page for Ojambo Feed is Ojambo Feed Page.

How to Use:

    Install From App Store:

  • Wait for new articles to be downloaded.
  • Scroll down to view later articles.
  • Scroll up to view newer articles.
  • Press article link to open original article.


Ojambo Feed Video


Ojambo Feed 2.0 app for Android devices was released in Spring 2013. The app does not collect user information. Feed is a simple app requiring Internet access.

Ojambo Feed uses the PhoneGap mobile development framework. The app displays Ojambo.com content summary using a customized jQuery Feeds plugin. Feedback is welcome.


  1. Use portrait orientation for large devices.
  2. Press the large link indicator on the right to open an original article.