Nigerian Over-payment EPA Scam

Nigerian Fee Over-payment EPA Scam

Scams exploit people. Many scams are just a slight variation of an old scam. Recently was subjected to a popular Nigerian Scam.

This particular Nigerian scam involves an over-payment of the required fee. The receiver is expected to immediately transfer the balance to the sender. The scammer disappears after receiving the balance.

Image Missing Scam Detection

The sender’s bank finds insufficient funds or fraudulent deposits credentials.

    Conditions used by scammer:

  • Popular world-wide classifieds.
  • Popular world-wide personals.
  • Popular social media networks.
  • Email sniffing software.
  • Internet email extraction software
  • Email spamming software.

Receiving Suspicious Email

Image Missing Suspicious Introductory Email

The spelling mistakes are very obvious and more importantly the reply has nothing to do with the services offered. Notice the two hypens “–” before the “Hello” which indicated that automation was utilized.

Reply To First Email:

Image Missing Suspicious Reply Email

A request what type of specific service the person wanted resulted in a long reply. In the reply, the person did not mention the service they wanted. Interesting, the person (most likely software) mentioned their name. There were more spelling and grammar mistakes which indicated an automated response.

Proof It Is A Scam:

    Warning Signs:

  • Moving to my area.
  • EPA is not located outside the United States.
  • Payment will be in US dollars.
  • Gender-bender Mrs Adrot now becomes “him”.
  • Leaving daughter for unspecified lesson.

Image Missing Scammer Found

A quick search on the internet found a similar suspicious introductory email. Check out Another Craigslist Scam attempt and notice the similarity of the introductory emails. The only differences are the names, phone numbers. The spelling and grammar mistakes are the same. Interesting the word “adroit” is an adjective meaning clever or skillful in using the hands or mind.


The United States is doomed if it has to hire people from the UK who do not have a basic grasp of spelling and grammar. Doctor Frank and Madam Adrot are scammers. The email and all its replies are now in the trash bin.

The over-payment Nigerian scam works by taking advantage of the honesty of the receiver. The receiver is encouraged to charge a high price so that the scammer can “over-pay”. The receiver is expected to pay the difference by using “real” money from their account.


  1. Be extra cautious when dealing with international transactions.
  2. Evaluate answers to basic questions like “what do you want?”.
  3. Local classifieds and personals are meant for local people.
  4. Do not give out personal information unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Contact Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre if you are a victim.