Install Zen Cart Theme

Download and activate theme

Zen Cart is a mature product with available templates. Templates can be obtained in three ways, free, created from scratch or purchased. The default template contains all the parts need to create a sub-theme if desired.

Zen Cart rivals commercial offerings in the amount of templates available. Contributions are available for download on the website. Modifications are possible for people with a decent command of PHP and HTML.

In this tutorial, a template purchased from for Zen Cart will be installed on a linux server but the steps can be followed for other servers.

    Tools are required:

  • Unzip to decompress the downloaded file.
  • Text editor for creating and modifying configuration files.
  • Zen Cart installed and working.
  • FTP, SSH or File Manager to upload and modify permissions for files.
  • Knowledge of the files to be served.

Download Zen Cart Theme

    Point your browser to

  • Click the download button after purchasing a Zen Cart template.
  • Save the compressed file.
  • Decompress the file by using unzip if appropriate.
  • Move the created folder to your server location.

Modify Logo

    Modify files using your FTP, SSH or File Manager:

  • Follow the instructions located in the read_me.txt.
  • Move the uploaded template folder to the Zen Cart/includes/templates folder
  • Edit the logo information located in includes/languages/ENGLISH/Zen Cart Theme/header.php.
  • Copy the includes/languages/ENGLISH/Zen Cart Theme to your Zen Cart includes/languages/ENGLISH folder.

Select the new Zen Cart template

    Point your browser to your Zen Cart Install:

  • Login into the adminstration back-end.
  • Hover over the Tools Tab.
  • Select Template Selection.
Image Missing
Zen Cart Template Selection

    Update Zen Cart Theme:

  • Click Edit.
  • Select the template.
  • Update.
Image Missing
Zen Cart Theme Update

Layout Zen Cart Theme

    Reset new theme layout:

  • Hover over the Tools Tab.
  • Select Layout Boxes Controller.
  • Reset.
Image Missing
Zen Cart Theme Layout

    Hide or show columns and sideboxes:

  • Hover over the Tools Tab.
  • Select Layout Boxes Controller.
  • Edit.
  • Turn on column boxes
Image Missing
Zen Cart Theme Edit Layout

Templates contain important information such as the version of Zen Cart and licenses.
If you purchase a Zen Cart template from, support is provided with any purchase. With your Zen Cart template now installed, log out of the admin menu and visit the front page.


  1. Read the instructions before attempting to install any Zen Cart template.
  2. Pay close attention to the copyrights and trademarks for themes and images.
  3. If purchasing a template, choose a provider like that provides support.

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