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This is an update for those running Microsoft Windows computers at home and work. I finally moved all my computers from Microsoft Windows XP and Vista to Linux. I am now using Debian GNU Linux 64-bit version. The most common problem people have with their Microsoft Windows machines is that they install so many programs and literally invite viruses and other problems such as spyware. I still recommend using free versions of software that are 100% legal. Now let’s begin,

1. Get an antivirus package, I recommend Avira AntiVir which has a free version for personal use and can be downloaded here It also has automatic updates, it is fast and will not interfere with your firewall.

2. You need a firewall, the one that comes with windows is okay, if you prefer others, such as

3. It is also a good idea to have a proxy, if you use a router which most people now have to share more than one computer you are okay, if not I recommend proximotion

4. Last you need a anti-spyware, I recommend Spy-Bot Search and Destroy from Run it at least once a week and check for updates and immunize. I noticed it now comes with a Teatimer which acts as a real-time on access antivirus. However I would still recommend using Antivir as well.

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