Relationships and Marriage Part I


Every time I meet someone whether on the street, in the club, at work or even at school, they are shocked to find me single. It is a sin to be single. I always ask, what is wrong with being single. The answers are always the same, It will make me happy, I need someone to make my life complete or that I must be gay. I always observe such people and they do not seem to be happy. They are followers, who jump on the relationship bandwagon and into marriage like a trend.

Here are some facts which should dispel some myths. All black men are not hypersexual, and are capable of being single. I am sure this applies to many males of other ethnicities. I am amazed when I meet some females who are shocked that I do not want to sleep with them even though they fit society’s definition of beauty. The fact is that I love talking to people especially those who have a different understanding on current affairs. They ask my reasons for not ogling and being smitten. I answer and they refuse to believe me, and ask if I am gay. I am very attracted to females.

The males and some females think that I have several girlfriends. It seems being a pimp is very popular nowadays circa 2000-2004, however I am not. I do not enjoy company of people who are comfortable with me, but it does not mean that I am with every woman I talk to. It is absurd to think that the several women I encounter are my ex and future girlfriends. I am not here to break new records for polygamy, it is not me. I am an individual, who does not fit neatly prescribed labels.

I hate generalizations and here is why. Black people are not all the same. There are black people or black looking people on every continent, yet they all behave differently. Some people do not know that every single country in Africa has more than two local dialects. In short, a person of African descent in Jamaica, Canada, USA, Kenya, France and India are all individuals who do not all fit one label. I am 30 years old, never married and never had children. There is nothing wrong with me.

I decided that single is not a good definition of me, because it implies in society that you are looking for someone and need help. I prefer the label “alone”. To the people who believe I am unhappy, and will die sad and alone. Let me be. If I do not find that significant other, why are you so concerned? There are many other things you can do, such as cleaning the environment, helping the poor and needy. Why concentrate on me because I am single? I am now thinking the answer lies in jealously. These people see a person who is happy and they want to make the person as miserable like themselves. If they are truly happy as they claim, then why not let me be happy too alone?

Part I Introduction

Part II Race Matters

Part III Gender Wars

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