Roti’s by Manjula

I wanted to try something new, but did not want to spend more than one hour for preparing, cooking and clean-up.  I found a Roti recipe by Manjula, she also placed a video on Youtube, her website is  Her Youtube video is almost 8 minutes long.  I watched it twice and was able to repeat her recipe.  I made two minor changes to her recipe and  one change to storage.  I liked using whole wheat flour and no frying.  This recipe is great because: 1.  It is healthy and at least for my version Oil is optional

1 Cup whole wheat flour

Pinch of salt

1/2 Cup luke-warm water

Drop of extra virgin olive oil (any type of oil is fine)

Stainless steel frying pan on medium heat (any skillet is fine)


Plastic container with lid lined with wax paper and paper towel

Mixed flour, salt and water into soft dough
Oil dripped on hands to prevent stick dough while kneading
Divided into 8 pieces and formed smooth balls
Dropped some water on skillet to see if drop water sizzled
Rolled each ball with very very light flour (very important)
Placed on pan and flipped once colour on underside changed, shown by brown spots
Flip once bubbles form or when brown spots appear
Press sides with spatula
Remove roti from pan, place in container and cover immediately.
Once cool, place in fridge

Serving, may warm in microwave for a few seconds or eat as is

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