Target Sports Canada

Target Sports Canada Review

Target Sports Canada is located in Gormley, Ontario, Canada. A shooting range and retail store are located on the site. The site is less than a minute off a major highway.

A relative wanted to celebrate her birthday by shooting live guns. I agreed to attend because I was interested in doing something new and unique. My only concern was being in traffic on the way to the range.


Image Missing Training Room

The entire birthday party arrived before our allocated 6pm time slot. After showing proof of photo identification, reading and signing the waiver, we were taken to the training room. The staff members were very thoughtful and helpful.

The training room was clean and well-lit. Each staff member provided instructions that were easy to understand. For example, the rule for no flash on cameras prevented me from getting better photographs inside the shooting room.

What Was Promised:

  1. 20 rounds of 9mm
  2. 10 rounds of 40 Calibre
  3. 6 rounds of 38 Special
  4. 8 rounds of 45 Calibre
  5. 3 shells of 12 gauge 00 buckshot

Shooting Live Ammo:

Image Missing Double Vision

Prior to shooting any weapon, a staff member trained each individual and provided helpful hints. Due to my placement of the goggles over spectacles, I developed double vision. I was the only one not to get a bull’s-eye.

What Was Delivered:

  1. More fun than had been anticipated.
  2. Appreciation for people who handle guns all day like Cops.
  3. Direct supervision when shooting firearms.
  4. No more wondering what shooting really feels like.

One of my pet peeves at most establishments is going in a group and waiting to pay. I was impressed with the speed by which our group of 9 was able to pay and leave the premises.


Target Sports Canada is located in Gormley Ontario just off a major highway. The shooting range was a great way to enjoy a day out with friends and family. The staff was very knowledgeable, and the facilities were clean.

Our group were all inexperienced shooters. The staff encouraged our group and did not disparage us. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and I would return.