Critic of Professor J. Philippe Rushton’s work on race 2003

Professor Rushton works for University of Western Ontario in the Department of Psychology. His most controversial work focuses on eugenics. According to, it is a study of human genetics and of methods to improve the inherited characteristics, physical and mental, of the human race. Professor Rushton is not an expert in genetics or anthropology yet he publishes that Asians are smart, blacks are dumb and whites are in the middle. This article will focus on one of his papers titled “Is There a Biological Basis for Race and Racial Differences?”

Professor Rushton is also part of CHARLES DARWIN RESEARCH INSTITUTE and a Guggenheim Fellow whose research focuses on race differences. Rushton claims that there are three major races; Orientals (East Asians, Mongoloids), whites (Europeans, Caucasoids), and Blacks (Africans, Negroids). It is very strange, there are more people in India than all of Africa, yet it is clear that Indians do not look like blacks. There are also Arabs in the middle east and northern Africa who number approximately the same as Blacks.

Rushton claims that Orientals are slower to mature, less fertile, and less sexually active, and have larger brains and higher IQ scores. Professor Rushton relies on his own data and that from IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Richard Lynn. According to Steve Sailer, in the appendix, Mr Lynn uses different IQ tests which in my opinion are very biased. Why IQ is a Moving Target article describes how Stanford-Binet and Wechsler series–had new and old versions and that both were sometimes given to the same group of people.. Marshall Brain explains that IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, generally describes a score on a test that rates the subject’s cognitive ability as compared to the general population. From Richard Lynn’s own website, he states that data for Table 4 is “National IQs Based on the Results of Intelligence Tests and Estimated National IQs (marked by *) Based on the IQs of Neighbouring or Other Comparable Countries. For example the IQ of North Korea was estimated by using Japan and South Korea.

The biased Mr Lynn in Appendix 1 from Intelligence and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations shows that for every African country, the sample size was very small. Congo had a sample size range of 88 to 320 while countries such as China had a sample size in the thousands and were older in the case of South Korea. At least he mentions the tests used, however he does not tell us if it is the old version or newer versions. In Estimation of Missing National IQs Lynn states his assumption that” national IQs which are unknown will be closely similar to those in neighboring countries whose IQs are known” His most vile claims are that he can tell which blacks are mixed and therefore adjusted their IQs, “assigned IQs to the racial groups on the basis of the known IQs of these groups in neighboring countries” He uses South Africa, Cape Verde, Comoros, Mauritius and Madagascar as examples of his sick racial obsession groupings. If the smart Mr Lynn and Rushton actually travelled throw Africa, there would find significant mixed populations, just because someone has a tan does not make them black. If these two are not racists, then why do they divide countries based on admixture? Could it be that these low IQ countries without racial conflict contradict their ideas? If it was so bad for the Asians, Arabs, whites etc in Africa, they would have left centuries ago. Yes, there is admixture, but the professor and Mr Lynn do not provide proof that it increases IQ. They use America as an example to claim the IQ of 85 is achieved because they mixed with whites. Interesting how there are 37 million blacks in America and 537 blacks in Africa. In other words, there is probably just as much admixture in Africa as there is in America. A person like Mr Lynn came up with the one drop rule, laws to keep a certain minority down and supports dictators who suppress innocent people.

Rushton states that Orientals are seen as a “model minority.” They have fewer divorces, out-of-wedlock births, and fewer reports of child abuse than Whites. More Orientals graduate from college and fewer go to prison. He fails to mention that the model minority is a myth. Matt Grace examines the myth which people like Professor Rushton uses to degrade blacks as having high divorce rates, out-of-wedlock births, child-abuse low education and high prison rates. It is very interesting how Rushton does not mention racism or corruption. What Rushton means is that Orientals know their place in the hierarchy and will not complain as explained in yellow myths.

According to the professor, “Blacks, on the other hand, are 12% of the American population but make up 50% of the prison population”. The racial pattern of crime in the U.S. is not due to local conditions like “white racism.” It is very interesting why, in black ruled countries, less than 50% of the prison population is black. Most of Africa is ruled by dictators and pseudo-dictators who have artificial elections and put their opponents in jail. I assume, Professor Ruston will claim that they deserve since it is in their genes to be incarcerated. I wonder what Ruston was thinking when Rodney King was beaten, or maybe during the non-violent protest marches in the 1960s in South Africa. If Africa is full of low IQ individuals, why does he go there? For a violent continent, it never marched to other continents and enslaved others, killed indigenous people and started colonies, raped women.

Grisso asserts that Rushton and his irk are manipulating pseudo-science in an “attempt to put down Black people as inferior”. The IQ for the entire continent of Africa and most blacks is at retard level because it is less than 80 from I wonder how Professor Rushton treats his oriental and black students. All the so-called eugenists fail to mention more critical reasons for African failure. People who want cheap commodities such as oil, coffee, precious metals and cotton support the dictators, give them money for weapons and interfere with the daily lives of innocent victims.

I will not bother researching on the treatment of baby girls in china but will briefly comment on Oriental successes. In Hong Kong, the British left in 1997, and it is strange why China is not more wealth than a small island of Hong Kong. Taiwan has American help; South Korea and Japan still have American soldiers and sell most of their products to America. North Korea which has the same people as South Korea is a poor country; it is surprising why the high IQ did not help them.

Rushton applies that Blacks also have from 3 to 19% more of the sex hormone testosterone than whites or Orientals. This translates into more explosive energy, which gives Blacks the edge in sports like boxing, basketball, football, and sprinting. I would like to remind my readers that 100 years ago, all the great sport stars were white in boxing, basketball, football and sprinting. At least Rushton did not even bother reference his sources. I wonder how 3% more testosterone will help someone better in sports. I have oriental friends who are better than me in all the above sports despite my being significantly bigger, stronger and slimmer.

“Why do Whites and East Asians have wider hips than Blacks, and so make poorer runners?” The answer is that they give birth to larger brained babies. I think the professor is making this one up. He has no proof to his wider hip theory. I will tell all women I know to eat more and have wider hips so that they will have larger brained babies. If I was a wide hip oriental woman, I would run away from this professor. Consider that a warning ladies to stay away from this asiaphile.

The relation between brain size and intelligence has been shown by dozens of studies, including state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging. Orientals average 1 cubic inch more brain matter than Whites, and Whites average a very large 5 cubic inches more than Blacks. Since one cubic inch of brain matter contains millions of brain cells and hundreds of millions of nerve connections, brain size differences help to explain why the races differ in IQ. The beginning of this paragraph starts of with a studies cubic inches as measured NMR. However he does not cite how having a more brain matter equates to intelligence. The reason might be that the professor does not understand neurons, brain patterns, action potentials and how it relates to the central nervous system. His attempts at anthropology fail because he does not account for dwarfism, and downs syndrome children.

“Orientals are the least sexually active, whether measured by age of first intercourse, intercourse frequency, or number of sexual partners” I do not want to bash China, but does anyone believe that there are 1.3 billion Chinese in China because of low sex activity. I love the next three quotes. “Blacks are the most active on all of these. Once again Whites fall in between. These differences in sexual activity affect the rate of sexually transmitted diseases” South Africa with the highest IQ in Africa has the highest number of Aids cases. Russia and China with high IQs also have high Aids cases which are not even properly accounted for.

The further north people went “Out of Africa,” the more evolution selected for larger brains, slower growth rates, greater longevity, lower hormone levels, less sexual potency, less aggression, and less impulsivity. The lower hormone levels must explain why Japan was an aggressor in WWII, and why North Korea, and China have WMDs. The yakuza, Chinese triads involved in such high IQ trade as prostitution, drugs, smuggling and murder are not explained by the professor. Has anyone ever heard of an African mafia? It seems that the Mafia are very prevalent in high IQ nations such as Italy, Russia, China, and Japan.

I will quote an entire paragraph. Sometimes it is claimed by those who argue that race is just a social construct that the human genome project shows that because people share roughly 99% of their genes in common, that there are no races. This is silly. Human genes are 98% similar to chimpanzee genes and 90% similar to those in mice, which is why these species make good laboratory animals. But no one claims that mice, chimpanzees, and humans are nearly the same! That would be laughable. Similarly, although men and women are genetically 99% the same, it is foolish to believe that sex is just a “social construction.” Professor Rushton does not provide proof for this statements that human genes are similar to chimpanzee and mice. I have never heard of anyone having children with monkeys or mice, although with pseudo-science anything is possible. I always thought that men and women were the same, I mean with respect to having children, a person can have plastic surgery and pass for another sex, yet no amount of hocus pocus will make a monkey or mouse human.

Base pair differences are important and SNPs clump together in races. Just one change in the base pair for hemoglobin, for example, causes sickle-cell anemia, from which many Blacks suffer. This is all lies, not all blacks suffer from sickle-cell anemia, in fact, it is mostly localized to three African countries, which might explain why it is prevalent in countries where slaves were taken. From Sickle Cell Information Center, Sickle cell is in many nationalities including African Americans, Africans, Arabs, Greeks, Italians, Latin Americans, and those from India. You can be Caucasian and have sickle cell disease or trait. All races should be screened for this hemoglobin at birth. It is quite clear that Professor Rushton is not a geneticist, at least there is a term to describe him which is eugenicist.

In conclusion, eugenists such as Professor Rushton manipulate statistics to fit their biased views. According to Rushton, racism is a factor, yet he fails to mention that dictators are in power because they are helped by corrupt foreign officials and corporations. He claims that there are only three major races which is false because there are more Arabs, Indians, Latinos and whites than blacks. He is obviously biased towards certain Asians he calls Orientals which exposes him as an asiaphile. He does not understand genetics or anthropology and relies on vague data to back his claims. Instead of hiding behind pseudo-science, Professor Rushton should just state that he believes all blacks to be inferior subhumans.

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