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Request for Photo gallery software

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

I want to remove the gallery because it is no longer manageable. I have approximately 10,000 photos using Coppermine and wish to save them in a slide show or DVD-like format. The problems are as follows:
1. I do not want to lose the comments for the photos
2. Coppermine uses MYSQL database
3. I want to reference the photos in the future.

My preferred options would be:
1. Convert the comments from the MYSQL database into EXIF
2. Software that can read the EXIF information while displaying the photos
3. Convert Coppermine’s MYSQL database into a flat file or SQLITE then run as offline application
4. Convert Coppermine into DVD slide-show

Some other information:
The Coppermine files are re-sized, I have copies of the originals, I want to use Coppermine as a reference in the future. Here is a scenario, I went for a Safari and took several photos for which I added comments in Coppermine. I want to use those comments in the future when I show someone my photos.

Please comment and let me know your suggestions

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New May 2010 Themes

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

I have some free time so I want to update the website. I was so busy that I neglected the templates. However I have finished two new themes that will be installed here then be available at Ojamboshop.

The Themes are Simple Light, and Transparent Black. Both are fast loading because neither use javascript or images. The only image is the optional logo.

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