Request for Photo gallery software

I want to remove the gallery because it is no longer manageable. I have approximately 10,000 photos using Coppermine and wish to save them in a slide show or DVD-like format. The problems are as follows:
1. I do not want to lose the comments for the photos
2. Coppermine uses MYSQL database
3. I want to reference the photos in the future.

My preferred options would be:
1. Convert the comments from the MYSQL database into EXIF
2. Software that can read the EXIF information while displaying the photos
3. Convert Coppermine’s MYSQL database into a flat file or SQLITE then run as offline application
4. Convert Coppermine into DVD slide-show

Some other information:
The Coppermine files are re-sized, I have copies of the originals, I want to use Coppermine as a reference in the future. Here is a scenario, I went for a Safari and took several photos for which I added comments in Coppermine. I want to use those comments in the future when I show someone my photos.

Please comment and let me know your suggestions

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