Zen Cart Upgrade 1.3 To 1.5 Video 0058

A Video for the Ojambo.com Zen Cart Upgrade 1.3 To 1.5 article.
Part One of One

Upgrading or updating Zen Cart is a manual process. Professional Zen Cart help is available at Ojambo Services.

The video begins by opening up the web root. It is recommended to practice upgrades using a test site.

The tutorial is broken up into five parts. The first part performs a backup of the database and files.

The second part checks if any installed modules work with the new version of Zen Cart. The third part compares files between the current Zen Cart install and an unmodified Zen Cart version.

The fourth part overwrites the files using the new version of Zen Cart. The final part consists of upgrading the database using a web browser.

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