Google Chrome Popularity In UK

Google Chrome is second most popular browser in the UK

Google Chrome is more now slightly more popular than Mozilla’s Firefox in the UK. Google Chrome becomes UK’s second most popular web browser.

All major browsers have changed since Chrome was released about three years ago.

Mozilla updated their end-of-life policies starting with Firefox 5.0 and up. Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 which follows current standards.


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Chromium 12.0 on Debian Wheezy

Chromium is the open source version of Google Chrome. Trends show that Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome will continue to battle for second place. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to lose market share but retain a slim lead in first.

World’s Second Favorite Browser

Sitepoint’s browser trends predicted that Chrome has overtaken Firefox worldwide. Sitepoint gave two reasons for Chrome’s popularity. Chrome updates itself automatically and Firefox 3.6 users migrated to version 4 manually.

Future Predications

Chrome will become more popular as Google continues to promote Chrome such paid advertisements in the UK. The Guardian article also mentioned the speed of Chrome versus other browsers. Speed increases will force other browser makers to improve faster and all users will benefit.


Google Chrome is now the second most popular browser in the UK. Google is on target to become the second most popular browser outright around the globe. The innovations that are implemented in Google Chrome such as speed increases will bring benefits to users of all browsers.